Apprenticeships Are a Goodway to feel out your Carreer options

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 5:18 pm

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With increasing student fees, more and more young people are entering apprenticeships. When you complete an apprenticeship, you will usually be viewed as being more reliable than somebody with an equivalent university degree, as the amount of exposure you have had to how you will be working is greater. You can finish an apprenticeship, having earned money, qualifications, experience, and a good job record, in contrast to a university degree where you will spend a lot of money for an education of suspect real world value. Apprenticeships allow you to experience the world you will be working in, without making many commitments. The number of careers offering┬á apprenticeships has been increasing over the last few years, due to a shift in government focus. The government has acknowledged the value that an apprenticeship offers to somebody who doesn’t feel like they have enough support to attend university, and those who want to establish their independence as soon as possible.