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Enhance your CV with First Aid Training

Posted on July 21, 2021 at 10:43 pm

What better way to enhance your CV with, than a important skill such as first aid training. You’ll be a hero to workmates and an asset to the company. Becoming competent in first aid care is not only great for job applications but is a great life skill to have.

First aid course run across the country, so no matter where in the country you are based- there is a training centre near you. Including first aid training London, or other major cities- first aid comes into play in built up areas and also remote countryside too.

First aid covers such a variety of topics, such as burns, allergic reactions, bites, stings, CPR and AED heart care units. There’s also food safety training, use of defibrillators and many other specialist uses for first aid.

First aid needs to be current these days as medical equipment changes regularly, as does the treatment and management of emergencies. you can help to save someones life and assist with initial treatment before the emergency services arrive to take over.

Many jobs will look at a applicants CV and note any additional courses obtained- having first aid training will certainly make them have a second read over your form- as this can be a skill that can be applied to any workplace in any environment.

First aid can be used in so many situations and scenarios including: Emergency first aid at work – this is a requirement for all employers and employees to have up to date training.  You could potentially save a colleagues life. The general public can also enrol on these courses as they may well be called upon to assist someone in distress or danger themselves.

First aid at sports events – if you want to assist with sports related injuries such and broken limbs, confusion or asthma attacks- basic first aid can help the patient receive the right care until the emergency services arrive.

First aid training will not only give you the concrete skills that can be directly applied to saving somebody’s life, but it also gives you a different perspective of what is really happening in the body.

This understanding could be crucial if you find yourself helping somebody who’s unwell.

In addition, first aid training helps to boost your self-confidence and improves people skills as you learn how to interact with other people from different backgrounds and cultures. And lastly, your CV will stand out from the crowd if its full of new skills that not many other applicants possess!

What certifications do I need?

We recommend looking at courses offered online from leading suppliers. Look for trusted names in first aid training and they will provide you with a real edge over the other applicants in the job market.

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How To Nail Your First Job Interview!

Posted on July 8, 2021 at 1:11 pm

Applying for your first job can be a very daunting process, and the day you receive your interview is a day filled with joy. That’s until the interview comes around, the nerves kick in, and stressed is the only way to describe it! Today, we want to share with you how you can nail your first job interview!

Firstly, you need to try to stay calm. Practice breathing techniques that help you to keep a clear mind and not worry. This will help you to be more relaxed during your interview.

You should also not go into your interview big-headed. Regardless of if you have a degree or any previous experience. They like to know that you are willing to learn. That you will not enter their company with the view of you are the best.

It’s important to remember that no matter the outcome of your first interview, the fact you have gone is something to be proud of. You may not get the first job you apply for, but the interview experience is there and will help you in the future.

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