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I Need Help Finding A Job!

Posted on April 15, 2021 at 3:55 pm

Since covid-19 has come around, there has been a rise in people who have been made redundant and are therefore looking for work. A statement that we are now constantly hearing is ‘help me find a job’. So, what better way to answer this than in a blog post, sharing our best tips for helping you to find a job!

Consider different industries
We commonly hear that people are struggling to find work when they are only looking within the industry they know. During these times where the struggle for work is high, considering other industries will help you. There will be other people looking for workers in other industries. Taking a chance on these may help you to find a new passion, and will place you in a stable job for the time being.

Be Open To A Pay Cut
While you may have come from a job that was very high pay, you need to be open to potentially taking a pay cut. Businesses across the nation are still struggling so may not be able to afford to match the pay you were on before. Being open to taking a pay cut will help you to gain employment as well as keeping regular pay.

Reach Out To People
Another way to gain employment is to simply reach out to people. Email companies telling them about what you can bring to your team. Don’t play the sympathy card, as everyone is in the same boat who are looking for work. Showcasing your skills and how you can help them will help you to gain employment. Companies may not realise they need someone like you until you step forward.

When you are struggling to find employment you should always consider these three things. But also remember to never give up. The day you stop may have been the day that the perfect opportunity rises.

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