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A new job or a switch to self-employment?

Posted on March 29, 2018 at 12:06 pm

If you find that you’re moving from one job to another quite quickly and no role is enough to ‘hold you down’ and really give you everything you could possibly want in a job, perhaps it’s not an issue with the employer.

It may just be a shift in your mentality and you may feel as though working for yourself is a better option. Whether you’re a copywriter, photographer or a designer, you may feel as though you can make more money, fulfill bigger dreams and progress more if you’re self employed, so before you hand in your CV to another company why not weigh up your options first. Usually, to make the switch to self employment, you either need to have a lot of savings in the bank to tie you over until your business picks up, or you may need to have some form of income outside of employment and it could just be a case of cutting back on some expensive and living as cheap as possible until your business or freelance service really kicks off.

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