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The perfect CV

Posted on July 29, 2017 at 6:47 am

Writing a good CV is always a tough task, however, it is necessary to present yourself properly in order to have a good chance of getting the job that you want.

First of all, your CV has to be simple and clear. Do not try to give too much detail about every single part in the CV because it will probably not be taken into account and can also hide the important information. Use a short and direct language trying to strengthen the most relevant experience.

Moreover, it is important to take care of some aspects of the appearance of your CV. You must include a photograph at the top, but it shouldn’t be too big in comparison to the information. Only use a professional portrait photograph and not your latest social media profile picture.

Include all relevant education and past experiences, do not include anything that doesn’t bring anything to the job role. Saying you ride a horse, will not help with an IT job for instance and will take up space that could be used for more significant information.

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