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Working your way up the career ladder in retail

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 6:01 am

If you already have a job in retail , you may be thinking of ways to start progressing. Whilst you tend to start as a customer adviser in many retail jobs, you definitely have the chance to develop your career. You should organise a meeting with your manager, discussing your goals, they will then be able to direct and support you in your career development.

As part of any career progression, you will have to undertake courses, such as health and safety, and leadership courses. The retailing company you work for may even offer to pay for a business or management course for you, this is a great opportunity that you should take time considering.

Before getting a promotion, you may want to start taking on certain roles and responsibilities, such as helping with induction training or becoming the specialist in electronics. This type of forward acting allows your manager to see your dedication to your role and your profession.

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