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File formats – what you need to know

Posted on October 14, 2016 at 12:25 pm

When you’re applying for a number of jobs and are actively looking for work, you may be applying via a range of websites, including job search sites, agency websites and even private advertisers’ websites. Some of these will require word documents (.doc), others will want PDFs (this is especially important for marketers, designers and artists who need a beautiful CV to demonstrate their skills), while some would prefer your information in Excel (this isn’t as likely). That said, you need to be prepared to give it in the file format of their choice, you also need to be able to scale the size down if required as some will have file size limits on their website. There will always be a reason behind why they’ve asked for a certain file and you need to make sure you give them the information they need in a nice looking document. So keep in mind you may need to make different versions of your CV for different applications.

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