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Giving your first interview

Posted on July 10, 2016 at 8:02 pm

It’s a weird one isn’t it— when you’re finally on the other side of the table? When you give your first interview, you have to ask the right questions to see if the candidate is the right individual for the role. For the interview to go to plan, you’ll need to:

Ask questions the right way

It shouldn’t feel as though you’re grilling the person, you should ask questions naturally and more should evolve as you converse with the interviewee. If you just read down a list and don’t engage with the individual, it will feel unnatural and the individual won’t feel at ease.

No closed questions

Don’t make it easy for the interviewer. They shouldn’t be given the opportunity to answer with yes or no. Press them to elaborate to really get the right type of information out of them.

Revise their CV

Read about their experience, check out some of the companies they worked for and show an interest in them. They made it to the interview, so they obviously have a background that impresses you.

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