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The Importance of Soft Skills

Posted on March 17, 2016 at 11:23 am

There has been a lot of talk for a number of years now about how our education system, both standard education and that achieved from university, is not adequately preparing individuals for a work life. Labelled as soft skills, the set of skills which many employers feel is lacking from the modern entrants to the employment market includes things like initiative and the ability to present arguments in an effective and compelling way.

Initiative is immensely important to businesses and individuals, as it is through your individual initiative that you can begin to showcase the true breadth of your skills and experience. Businesses have a tendency to narrowly define your role, and while most employers would agree that following that is a necessity, finding opportunities to go above and beyond what you are called on to do can be a great way of impressing them and hopefully increasing your pay or even achieving a promotion.

Your soft skills are like a value- added service that you provide your employer, and they can work in the same way for you as they do for a business providing a value-added service to their customers. It can result in greater levels of trust, and from there a business/individual will have a greater “brand” on which they can use as capital in a better position for bargaining. In a buyer-seller relationship, this can allow them to charge more than their competitors whereas, in an employee-employer relationship, the employee is deserving of a larger wage than their colleagues who are performing the same role.

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