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Do Young People Need to be More Willing to be Interns?

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 4:38 pm

Interns is considered to be a bit of a dirty world in the UK, and not without reason. Often times, internships have been a means for businesses to get cheap/free labour without any promise of better opportunities to come, and this has tainted a wide range of intern schemes. However, when they are done well, that can provide easy access to otherwise highly competitive industries, and give those who’ve gained even a small amount of experience an advantage when it comes to looking for a proper job.

Why do Businesses use Interns

Businesses use interns for two reasons – cheaper labour and training their up-and-coming workforce. Businesses like to have interns around because they can do the odd jobs that nobody has been employed to specifically carry out, and because they can engage with younger people and feel them out for how much value they offer to them as a proper member of staff.

How Internships can Help You

Internships are clearly a beneficial scheme for businesses, but what about you? If you read into how businesses benefit from internships, it gives you a clear idea of how they can benefit you. They can give you an opportunity to impress your employer, with a potential job at the end of that, or they can give you experience that you can put on your CV.

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