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Skype Interviews: The Next Thing?

Posted on December 22, 2015 at 12:19 pm

Skype has become ingrained in the operations of many businesses, particularly amongst those whom are pioneering the use of technology in business. It has been used by businesses for a number of years now to reach people and businesses from distances that are further away, and interactive with each face-to-face albeit with hundreds of miles/computer screens dividing them.

An interesting and growing trend that has only recently started to take off is interviewing people over Skype. This has a lot of opportunities for businesses and individuals alike, and is sure to further expand the other growing trend of working remotely.

So how does doing Skype interviews benefit businesses? Skype allows people to connect remotely, which means that you can talk to somebody who may currently live a long distance away without them having to travel to you. Even if you expect them to move to your location at some point, it still allows you to draw upon a far larger pool of talent than you could do otherwise.

This is likewise advantageous for those looking for work. They don’t need to travel sometimes at great expense, for a job they may not actually get.

For businesses, it also another way for them to ascertain what skills the applicant has. If they’re able to organise a Skype session with them, the likelihood is that they’re quite technically able, which is essential for businesses in todays world, particularly if they are “pioneering” technology.

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