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Finding a job if you have learning difficulties

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 11:40 pm

Finding a job can always be a challenge however finding a job when you have a level of learning difficulties can be ten times harder due to prejudice, education limitations and not really knowing what type of work would be suitable.


However there is help available to ensure that people with learning difficulties get a fair chance at being employed and get support and guidance to ensure their employment is suitable and fair.

Mencap is one such company that advertise themselves as the voice of people with learning difficulties and can help will all aspects of employment from training and gaining qualifications to finding the right job and helping to get through the application and interview processes.

These companies have a great success rate at finding suitable jobs for people with varying levels of learning difficulties supporting them and their families throughout.
Mencap offer work experience programs for people to be able to get a taste of what the working world is like and can help people to find suitable apprenticeships as well as full time employment.

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How to give a good presentation at interview

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 12:55 pm

It is nerve wracking to give a presentation at an interview. Here are some ideas to help in preparing a giving an excellent presentation.

1. Employers like to use them to see your skills rather than the topic being talked about. Being confident in the situation is more important than what is said.

2. Good preparation. Some areas to consider are timing, objective, creativity, practice and planning for any questions.

3. PowerPoint. Do not rely on the slides to do the work – they should be short visual reminders of the talk. Only use PowerPoint (or similar) if fully confident in its use.

4. Find out who will be in the audience. Perhaps have a look through the company web page to find out more about the panel.

5. On the interview day, give eye contact, use open body language and try to finish a little early to allow for questions.

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Becoming a Doctor and securing a job in medicine

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Medicine is a very popular choice of career, and competition for a place at medical school can be incredibly fierce. Here are some tips on the routes to getting into medicine and becoming a doctor.

There are different routes to getting into medical school, of course, every applicant needs to have good qualifications – most schools ask their potential applicants for straight As and even some with straight A* grades, including biology, chemistry and/or maths. Some schools require applicants to pass an admissions test, and others rely on UCAS points (this helps to even out the different qualifications applicants enter with, and provides a universal and fair comparison).


There are medical schools all over the country, including some in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Something worth considering is any particular specialism you wish to go for – some schools have specialist departments which could be more beneficial for you than other institutions.

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Preparing for your first day at a new job

Posted on January 16, 2015 at 10:06 pm

When you get a new job you’ve been so focused on getting through the application process and the interview that it can feel like you’re pretty unprepared for actually starting the new role.
The first thing to remember if you get the ‘new job jitters’ is that they chose you for the position, therefore they must feel that you are capable of doing the job adequately and with a little preparation and a lot of enthusiasm you can prove that you are perfect for the role.

On your first day at most jobs (particularly office based work) you won’t be expected to do much actually work and will probably be shadowing other employees getting to grips with the new tasks you will be performing, this initial stage can be quite slow going and a bit boring but it’s important to show interest and willing to learn as the more confident you are the quicker the employer will be to give you more responsibility.

Make sure that you are dressed smartly and arrive a few minutes early and bring with you a note pad and some pens for jotting notes down as you are observing the tasks. And most of all be bright and confident and you’ll soon learn the ropes.

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Assessment for Learning in the Classroom

Posted on January 13, 2015 at 12:55 pm

There are two main forms of assessment for learning, these being formative or summative assessments. Both are highly valuable in the classrooms as means of checking the learner progress.

Formative assessment is the variety of assessments taking place during the lesson, such as the traffic light system, where learners show their level of understanding using red, yellow or green cards (red being not at all confident, green being totally confident), or by giving each other two stars and a wish (two good things they have done, and something they need to improve on).

Summative assessments are the assessments that take place after the learning has occurred, such as exams or tests. These are ideal for a teacher to gauge how much learning has taken place, and allows them to see which areas of the learning were successful and which were not. National tests and qualifications all come under summative assessments.

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