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Part time jobs – how do they work

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 11:06 am

Part time jobs are widely available and can include working a set number of hours or days per week. Many employers now offer part time work to fit around childcare arrangements or even another job. Some people decide to work two part time jobs as one may not be quite enough income but full time work is a bit too much for them. Working part time gives you the assurance of an income without you having to commit to 5 days a week. Whilst working part time as an employee you still build up holiday pay and have the perks that come with being employed as opposed to self employed where if you are sick or would like time off that has to come out of your own pocket.

It may be that you have been employed by a company on a full time basis but your circumstances have recently changed and you now need to only work a few days a week. You will find that many employers are quite open to this option especially if you are open and discuss the options with them.

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