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Continuing Education After Employment

Posted on February 21, 2014 at 3:20 pm

For many people, they view the need to continue to educate yourself before you reach a profession you can accept as something which wanes once that has been accomplished. This isn’t necessarily always the case though, as businesses can often expect you to continue to develop your understanding of their business and your profession. Using your own initiative to do this is always preferable to having your boss get you to do it, both for yourself and for them. Sometimes, your boss will be willing to cover the costs involved in something like this, which can cost quite a bit. From their perspective though, whatever course you complete will go a long ways toward improving your CV and qualifications, so mostly, you are the one who derives benefit from continuing to educate yourself after employment. The breadth of subjects which your employer will be prepared to pay for will be considerably smaller than the courses which you can still take to benefit yourself, and improve your opportunities, such as learning a language.

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